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6 Boozy Halloween Desserts

Being an adult comes with many perks sure but around this time of year the top two that spring to mind: buying full-size candy bars and ‘trick or treating’ in your own kitchen, and Halloween shindigs that get to be equal-parts scary and boozy (there’s a reason why the first three letters of ‘booze’ are ‘boo’ amiright?)

And yes we realize the key elements of those two factors above include sweets, sweets and more sweets right alongside alcohol so let’s kill two birds with one stone and highlight some of our favorite boozy desserts perfect for your upcoming adults-only Halloween P-A-R-T-Y.

Jack and Coke Cupcakes

Jack + Coke + Chocolate Cupcakes. Adding little Coke gummies on top give it all the fun of the classic childhood dessert plus all the added benefits of booze in your sugar.

Red Wine Slushie

Less of a tried-and-true dessert and more of an adult beverage on a sugar rush, these wine slushies call for your favorite bottle of wine plus the fun twist of a pinch of matcha powder to add some earthy flavor and balance out alllllll that sugar.

Peanut Butter Bourbon Donuts

A puffy doughnut filled with bourbon-spiked peanut butter cream, dipped in a luscious chocolate glaze and topped with sea salt and peanut butter chocolate chip streusel. The perfect ‘hair of the dog’ boozy dessert to ease you into the morning of November 1st.

Boozy Poison Cake

This green peppermint-liqueur laced cake with a generous topping of chocolate ganache is a boozy Thin Mint cake with a cute and clever name change a little more appropriate for All Hallow’s Eve.

Boozy Milkshake Shooters

With this blueberry vodka and pomegranate milkshake shooter, we’re getting our ice cream fix in once more before the insane icy tundra that is New York City winter rears its freezing, black-slushy-snow-reared head.

Chocolate bourbon Cheesecake

If you don’t know already that cheesecake is my 100% all time favorite dessert ever then you haven’t been paying attention. Make it a chocolate cheesecake infused with bourbon and you have my last meal request in a walnut-crust nutshell.

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