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If Gold Medalists Were Desserts...

Today I’m going to talk about the world’s top athletes, with their stone cold determination and hard core strength, while I sit on the couch eating M&Ms and watching old Friends reruns. Sounds great and makes me feel super good about myself.

We’re 8 days into the Winter Olympics and 5 incredibly talented athletes have broken out as the US gold medal winners. So as a tribute to these superstars, I’m highlighting desserts and/or/with booze that embody their true selves- forget “Spirit Animals,” here are their “Spirit Desserts.” Let’s just say if these five people were desserts, these are the desserts they’d be.

Green Tomato Cake

With a nickname like “The Flying Tomato,” Shaun definitely embodies a tomato-based dessert. And yes, I’m sure his nickname references his hair color, so maybe this Green Tomato Cake is a little bit of a deviation but it looks so delicious that I get a pass here.

Churros with chocolate sauce

When the world isn’t watching Chloe Kim kill it in the halfpipe, it’s talking about how much she loves desserts- churros, in particular. And if you are indeed what you eat, then Chloe, these churros with chocolate sauce are you, top to bottom.

Rose and Ginger Paloma

So the sister of Redmond Gerard, the first US team member to win a gold medal in Pyeongchang, just so happens to be the name behind one of my favorite recipe blogs? And she just so happened to post this Paloma recipe 3 days ago with my favorite alcohol of choice? This is definitely my (and Redmond's too, I guess) Spirit Drink for sure.

Choco Taco Recipe

One of Jamie’s favorite dishes is a taco dish at a local restaurant near her home resort. So this choco-taco recipe (guest starring a healthier chocolate avocado mousse) should be right up her snow-lined alley.

peanut butter cookie lasagna

Granted, Barilla Pasta is a sponsor of this 22 year old alpine ski racer, so maybe take it with a grain of salt, but Mikaela has gone on record about how much she loves herself a big bowl of pasta. This peanut butter cookie lasagna only has 5 ingredients, making it a super easy-to-make tip of the hat (or ski?) to this mega athlete.

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