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Hot cozy cocktails for cold winter nights (and days)

I don’t think I’ve ever been as cold as I have been in the city the past 4 days. I’ve lived in New York for almost 6 years so I’m used to feet upon feet of dirt-covered snow lining the sidewalks, but Winter Storm Grayson this past weekend was THE. WORST. Whatever the hell a bomb cyclone is, it’s here… and it’s pissed.

It’s “take 30-minute scalding hot showers, sleep with a heating pad, wear jeans over leggings over tights" cold. When it’s this cold outside, it’s clearly best to do whatever you can to make your insides as warm as possible. The solution? Hot liquor, obviously (and maybe some boozy cake balls to go with them).

So here are some of my favorite hot cocktails to warm your insides and help combat the freezing outsides.

Warm Vanilla Cider

Homegirl Martha Stewart knows what she’s talking about (no surprise) with this perfect combo of bourbon, honeyed walnuts and whipped cream. The only thing that makes it better is pairing it with our Hard Apple Cider truffle.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Red wine and hot chocolate are both big go-to's when it comes to winter drinks, so teaming them up in this warm cocktail just makes sense. So does pairing it with our Red Wine truffle.

Bourbon Hot Toddy

Some people like this famous winter cocktail with brandy or scotch but this hot toddy with a vanilla-y sweet bourbon is where it’s at.

Mulled Wine

Customizing this classic with your favorite spices and garnishes makes this so easy to make it your own (and so easy to make, period).

Spiced Pumpkin Cider

As long as Starbucks is still selling their PSL, it’s pumpkin season. If Starbucks says it’s so, it’s so. Celebrate the goodness of the gourd with this cocktail (and our Pumpkin Whiskey truffle) before it’s gone again.

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