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Boozy Cake Balls for National Margarita Day

Tomorrow is National Margarita Day! (although honestly we celebrate that every day here at Twisted Truffles!) This weekend, we're celebrating the day by shining the spotlight on our favorite Margarita-themed Twisted Truffles cake balls from past and present. Check them out below. (and buy your own here!)

Classic Margarita Cake Ball

Margarita Cake Ball

Our classic, tried and true flavor, one of the first Twisted Truffles OG flavors, and a crowd favorite! Citrusy lime cake infused with tequila and margarita mix, covered in green margarita-flavored chocolate and topped with sea salt. All that's missing is the chips and guacamole!

Mango Margarita Cake Ball

Mango Margarita Cake Ball

A past seasonal flavor that is destined for a delicious comeback! Tropical mango cake, infused with tequila and mango puree, covered in margarita-flavored orange chocolate and topped in sea salt.

White Claw Margarita Spritzer

White Claw Margarita Cake Ball

One of our most recent crowd pleasers! A lime cake infused with tequila and White Claw Lime-flavored Hard Seltzer, covered in white margarita-flavored chocolate and topped with sea salt. Refreshing, fruity, and boozy, oh my!

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