Boozy desserts and other recipes that inspire our day-to-day cake ball-filled lives in New York City.

9 Red, White and Boozy Desserts for July 4th

With 4th of July just a few days away, I’m sure everyone is eagerly trying to nail down their plans for the big holiday. Whatever it is you do, be it firework gazing, barbecue cooking, beach laying, sandcastle building, just be sure that these 9 patriotically boozy desserts are on the menu. Red White and Blue Strawberry Jello Shooters These vodka-infused blueberry jello shots are made inside the actual strawberries, which is equally as impressive and pretty as it is patriotic. Bourbon Soaked Cherry Pie It’s your (bourbon) cherry pie, cold drink of water such a sweet (and boozy) surprise. Fireworks Red White and Blue Daiquiris Okay yes these red, white and blue daiquiris aren’t technically de

Seasonal Cocktails to Drink in June

The year is officially half way through but it's no where near done giving us different, refreshing, seasonal cocktails each month. So here you go, June's list of cocktails featuring the most in season fruits, vegetables, plants and/or herbs of the Summer season. The only things missing are fireflies, patios, and beach umbrellas. Boysenberry The Boysenberry is a cross between a raspberry, a blackberry, a dewberry (whatever that is), and a loganberry (again, what is that?) Instead of thinking too long or hard about wtf those fruits are, just embrace the boysenberry with these two tasty cocktails. Boysenberry Mojito A twist on the classic mojito, this refreshing, mint drink is made with white

6 Boozy Fudge Recipes for the Best Day Ever

The idea that the word “fudge” can be interchangeable for a (much more fun, imho) word starting with F to express anger or frustration is completely lost on me, because fudge is proof that there are good things in this world, ranking right up there with Christmas and Fridays and old ‘Friends’ reruns. Therefore the fact that today is National Fudge Day is absolutely a reason to celebrate fudge for all its perfect, chocolately, rich, decadent goodness. So here are 6 fudge recipes (infused with booze, duh) that are getting me through this holiday from dawn to dusk. Kahlua Marshmallow Fudge Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, kahula and marshmallows… it’s like an adult s’mores sans the annoying fire

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