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Seasonal Cocktails to Drink in June

The year is officially half way through but it's no where near done giving us different, refreshing, seasonal cocktails each month. So here you go, June's list of cocktails featuring the most in season fruits, vegetables, plants and/or herbs of the Summer season. The only things missing are fireflies, patios, and beach umbrellas.


The Boysenberry is a cross between a raspberry, a blackberry, a dewberry (whatever that is), and a loganberry (again, what is that?) Instead of thinking too long or hard about wtf those fruits are, just embrace the boysenberry with these two tasty cocktails.

Boysenberry Mojito

A twist on the classic mojito, this refreshing, mint drink is made with white rum and muddled mint and boysenberries to give it a beautiful jeweled tone.

Boysenberry Whisky Sour

This classic whisky sour is slightly less sour and slightly more sweet with the addition of the oh so pretty boysenberry.


The plum is a cross between nothing- it’s 100% plum and 100% super tasty in these two terrific cocktails. (Yay alliteration.)

St. Germain, Plum, and Gin Cocktail

Elderflower + Gin + Plum = a perfect summer patio drink.

Plum-Basil Gin Fizz

Sweet and herby, this basil, gin and plum cocktail is another extremely refreshing cocktail for warm summer nights.

Wild Violet Flower

Mixing it up a little bit with a seasonal plant, whose bright purple color makes for some beautiful and vibrant boozy drinks.

Homemade Violet Liqueur

This isn’t so much a cocktail as it is a recipe for a liqueur that you can then add to your choice of cocktails. Made with wild purple violet petals, vodka, orange peel and berries, it makes for the perfect base to any summer cocktail that calls for Crème de Violettes.

The Ultraviolet Wild Violet Cocktail

This seasonal summer cocktail is made with homemade wild violet simple syrup, which there is nothing simple about. That and the gorgeous ice cubes, (is there such a think? yes) frozen with violet petals, totally elevate this vodka-based drink to something akin to actual beauty in a glass.

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