Boozy desserts and other recipes that inspire our day-to-day cake ball-filled lives in New York City.

The Best Seasonal Cocktails to Drink in August

It’s getting so close to fall, ya’ll, that I can taste it. And speaking of taste, here are the perfect cocktails to be tasting and drinking on the eve of Autumn, because everything will become pumpkin-spiced flavored before you know it. Blueberries Blueberries are a superfruit full of antioxidants, so it only makes sense that these cocktails are super cocktails that also bring in a bushel full of health benefits, amiright? Mint Infused Blueberry Cocktail This fresh, sweet and minty concoction is also called a “blueberry smash,” since it blends together blueberries, fresh mint and lime juice as the “smash,” which is then added to vodka and honey for a smorgasbord of boozy, fruity flavors. Blu

Boozy Ball Highlight: "Strawberries and Sparkles" for National Prosecco Day

National Prosecco Day… the perfect day to give a shout out to one of our classic boozy truffle flavors, one of the first booze-infused cake balls in our 6 OG crew and a fan favorite for weddings, bridal showers, and Mother’s Day: Strawberries and Sparkles A sweet strawberry cake mixed with a bubbly sparkling wine and covered in a fun, bright pink chocolate coating. Check her out in all her glory and celebrate National Prosecco Day the best and tastiest way possible by snagging some of these for yourself in our shop now.

8 Boozy Chocolate Chip Cookies to make for Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Today we celebrate the mother of all desserts, the iconic, the classic, the always perfect and comforting cookie we call Chocolate Chip. While we can all agree that Phoebe Buffet’s grandmother, "Neslée Toulousé," makes a pretty great version, let’s take it up a scotch (er, I mean ‘notch’) and talk about some of our favorite chocolately boozy versions. Forget “cookies and milk,” today we’re all about “cookies and booze.” Sometimes it’s not so bad being an adult guys. Boozy Bourbon Chocolate Chippers The alliteration is strong with this one. So is the booze, thanks to the nearly half a cup of bourbon that accompanies the sugary, semi-sweet chocolate chippiness. Boozy Kahula Chocolate Chip Cook

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