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The Best Seasonal Cocktails to Drink in August

It’s getting so close to fall, ya’ll, that I can taste it. And speaking of taste, here are the perfect cocktails to be tasting and drinking on the eve of Autumn, because everything will become pumpkin-spiced flavored before you know it.


Blueberries are a superfruit full of antioxidants, so it only makes sense that these cocktails are super cocktails that also bring in a bushel full of health benefits, amiright?

Mint Infused Blueberry Cocktail

This fresh, sweet and minty concoction is also called a “blueberry smash,” since it blends together blueberries, fresh mint and lime juice as the “smash,” which is then added to vodka and honey for a smorgasbord of boozy, fruity flavors.

Blueberry Whiskey Buck

Tennessee whiskey, blueberries, sugar, lemon and ginger beer. That’s all it takes to make this super flavorful (super healthy?) blueberry cocktail, so it’s an easy and perfect drink to toast to the end of summer (finally!).

Blueberry Margarita

A classic “summer vacay on the beach” drink, this margarita gets a fall-like upgrade with fresh blueberries and orange bitters.


Did you know the huckleberry is the state fruit of Idaho? Yeah, well here’s some information you can actually put to good use (see yummy boozy recipes below).

Huckleberry Lemonade Cocktail

The huckleberry makes three guest appearances here- one as huckleberry flavored vodka, the other as huckleberry lemonade and the third as huckleberry jam. Add in the splash of limoncello and you have a sweet and tart cocktail that definitely packs a triple-punch.

Huckleberry Sage Shrub Cocktail

Get yourself a taste of the forest with sage and huckleberry, add in homemade ginger syrup and vodka, serve over ice, and drink in the sweet taste of (almost) Autumn.


Half apricot, half plum, and completely delicious, pluots are curious science at work, so have fun concocting these drinkable, pluot-based “science experiments” the second they’re in season.

A third reflection of light pluot cocktail

No idea where this spiced-citrusy-sweet cocktail, made with sliced pluots, ginger, Tequila and red clover simple syrup gets its name, but one taste of its fresh and boozy deliciousness and you won’t care at all.

Grilled Pluot Cocktail

Treat yourself to one last ode to summer by grilling yourself some pluots as the base of this vodka, lemon and honey cocktail.

Pluot Bellini

Pluots and Prosecco. The Pluot Bellini. It’s what’s for brunch.