6 Boozy Fudge Recipes for the Best Day Ever

The idea that the word “fudge” can be interchangeable for a (much more fun, imho) word starting with F to express anger or frustration is completely lost on me, because fudge is proof that there are good things in this world, ranking right up there with Christmas and Fridays and old ‘Friends’ reruns. Therefore the fact that today is National Fudge Day is absolutely a reason to celebrate fudge for all its perfect, chocolately, rich, decadent goodness.

So here are 6 fudge recipes (infused with booze, duh) that are getting me through this holiday from dawn to dusk.

Kahlua Marshmallow Fudge

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, kahula and marshmallows… it’s like an adult s’mores sans the annoying fire or sticks.

Amaretto Fudge

This almond liqueur infused chocolate fudge gets an extra crunchy almondy kick with toasted almonds sprinkled on top.

Baileys Irish Cream Fudge

Serve this easy-to-make boozy fudge with hot chocolate or coffee and you’re in for a tipsy, heavenly experience.

Three Ingredient Gin Fudge

Mixing it up with some white chocolate fudge, this fun boozy dessert is infused with gin and given a fun citrus finish with zested lime on top.

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Fudge

If you’re not shooting the whiskey while you’re making this boozy treat, it’ll only take you 5 minutes, but if you’re anything like me and drinking with one hand while stirring with the other, let’s just say give yourself a little bit more time to get this guy together.

Loaded Chocolate Bourbon Fudge

This is the ‘Rocky Road’ of boozy fudge, not only infused with bourbon but topped with chopped caramel-filled candies, chocolate chips and chocolate toffee pieces. Yeah, pretty sure I saved the best for last here.

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