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National Hot Buttered Rum Day: A Duel of Two Drinks

Whoever picks these “national days” definitely knew what they were doing when they made January (aka the coldest, longest month of the year filled with darkness, cold feet and cold souls) the owner of Hot Buttered Rum Day.

In honor of this day, and this drink designed with the intention of warming our bodies, our tummies and our spirits, we’re dissecting two versions of this hot and tasty libation:

So here to duke it out in a Duel of the Drinks: The Original HBR Vs. The New HBR on the Block:

Original hot buttered rum recipe

The Classic Hot Buttered Rum includes butter (duh), brown sugar, dark rum and a smorgasbord of different winter spices (cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, oh my!).

Hot Buttered Rum

This one dares to be different with the addition of ice cream and confectioner’s sugar in addition to (not instead of) the typical brown sugar.

And the winner is? You tell us! The New HBR on the Block has ice cream in it which honestly sounds like it defeats the purpose of being a hot drink, but I imagine it makes it that much sweeter and rich going down. Try them both and tell us what you think!

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