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The Best Seasonal Cocktails to Drink in July

Summer’s in full swing, so let’s swig some seasonal spirits with the bestest, freshest seasonal produce summer has to be offer. This July, have your fruit and drink it too with these refreshing, fruity cocktails made with these fruits at their peak of freshness.


Blackberries are jam-packed with antioxidants and known for promoting healthy skin, meaning these cocktails will be sure to contribute to that healthy glow you’re rocking this summer.

Bourbon Blackberry Collins

Bourbon and blackberries. Love the alliteration, love the combo, love this cocktail. And the fresh lemon juice gives it an extra zippy-ness you’ll love even if it doesn’t also start with a “b.”

Blackberry Cucumber Cocktail

Cucumber, fresh blackberries, mint sprigs, and lime wedges… it’s a freakin’ edible garden with a boozy twist from the gin addition.

Blackberry Basil Mojito

Refreshing, easy to make, fruity, tart, sweet, herbaceous… this blackberry, basil and white rum-based cocktail is summer in a boozy sip.

Passion Fruit

This is THE time of year to be passionate about passion fruit, the fruity and super tart star in these three killer summer cocktails.

Passion Fruit Simple Syrup Cocktail

Homemade passion fruit simple syrup and vodka. Perfectly tart, perfectly boozy, perfectly summer.

Passion Fruit Mojito

Passion fruit puree, mint leaf sprigs and white rum come together to create the perfect tart twist on this already classically summer cocktail.

Passion Fruit Hurricane

I love everything about Hurricanes. The curvy cocktail glasses, the zany garnishes, the bright colors. Oh and the rum is pretty great too. Make this bright orange cocktail with a maraschino cherry garnish now for an instant teleportation to New Orleans a la Mardi Gras.


So many melon varietals, so little summer. Get your hands on any of these cocktails quick to take advantage of all the delicious possibilities.

Halekulani Melon Daiquiri

Fun Fact- this cantaloupe-based drink was first concocted at New York City's Rainbow Room. Seeing as how it literally hits close to home, it had to make the list. And sure, the delicious combo of the amber rum and orange bitters alongside the cantaloupe also helped it make the list.

Dragon Fruit Melon Rosemary Vodka Chiller

Made with Santa Claus melon (think something resembling a small, football-shaped watermelon that tastes like a cross between honeydew and a cucumber) and dragon fruit (think something that tastes like a cross between a pear and a kiwi), this boozy rosemary and vodka cocktail is a delicious smorgasbord of all the fruits.

Honeydew Melon Bellini

The perfect, boozy summer twist to the classic boozy brunch cocktail, this refreshing drink is made with honeydew melon puree, lime juice, sparkling wine, sunshine and happiness.

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