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8 Minty, Bourbon-y Mint Julep Desserts for National Mint Julep Day

The Kentucky Derby may have been earlier this month but the celebration keeps on going with today being National Mint Julep Day! (Because this southern classic drink is the traditional drink of the Kentucky Derby which I learned about 5 minutes ago).

A classic mint julep is made with a mint leaf, bourbon, sugar and water. A classic mint julep dessert can include all those things plus chocolate or caramel or ice cream or…. Well, any of the ingredients found in these 8 mint julep inspired boozy desserts below.

So drink your mint julep, eat your mint julep, or do both and celebrate the day the boozy and delicious way.

Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Cake

This decadent pound cake has a white chocolate and mint ganache frosting that perfectly complements the...wait for it... bourbon butter sauce baked into the cake. You definitely don’t need to watch, or care about, tbh, the Derby to enjoy this any time.

Mint Julep Shortbread Cookies

These shortbread cookies with a mint julep frosting made of powdered sugar, mint and bourbon are nothing short(bread) of delicious (You’re welcome for that).

Mint Julep Cupcakes

A minty cupcake with bourbon, which is then brushed with a bourbon glaze, which is then topped with a fluffy, mint frosting made with even more bourbon. It can’t get any classic or southern or scrumptious than that.

Mint Julep Milkshake

Creme de menthe mint liqueur gives this boozy bourbon milkshake the perfect light green touch. It calls for vanilla ice cream but if you really love yourself some mint why not use mint chocolate chip ice cream?

Mint Julep Whoopie Pies

Warning: The more of these minty, boozy whoopie pies that you eat, the more likely you are to scream “Whoopeeee!” with every yummy bite.

Mint Julep Brownies

These bourbon-infused brownies are topped with a light and fluffy chocolate icing that make it half brownie, half cake, and 100% incredible.

Mint Julep Panna Cotta

Bring a little bit of Italy to this traditional southern cocktail with rich and creamy mint julep flavored panna cotta.

Mint Julep Cream Pie

This cream pie has a bourbon-filled, mint julep flavored custard and mint whipped cream that will make you wish it was National Mint Julep day all year long.

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