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Seasonal Cocktails: May Edition

We’re right on the eve of the beginning of Summer, just a few weekends from Memorial Day, patio brunches, work summer Fridays, BBQs, and beach trips. After what seems like the longest, snowiest, dreariest New York City winter EVER, this summer is a long time coming.

Here are the most refreshing cocktails, made from the most seasonal fruits, to drink in May in preparation for these well-deserved summer months.


Whether tart or sweet, cherries are perfectly ripe in May. But their seasonality doesn’t last long so be sure to get your hands on these cherry-based cocktails now.

The lemon juice, vodka and cherry simple syrup make this cocktail equal parts sweet, sour and deliciously refreshing.

Sweet and Sour Cherry Sparkler

The typical garnish of a bourbon-based Manhattan is a Maraschino cherry. And the typical dessert for blistering hot summer months is ice cream. Put those hands together and you get this ice cream float with cherry soda, sweet vermouth, bourbon and Angostura bitters.

Manhattan Ice Cream Float

Named after the Rolling Stones song, except with its rye whiskey, lemon juice and fresh muddled cherries, there’s no way you’ll say ‘goodbye’ to this Ruby Tuesday anytime soon.

Ruby Tuesday Cocktail


Of course the go-to pineapple cocktail is the Pina Colada, so here are some equally tropical cocktails that go off that beaten path a little bit.

The French Martini can be made with vodka or gin (this one has vodka), but its most essential ingredients are the sweet raspberry liqueur and of course, pineapple juice.

French Martini

Made with light rum, orange and pineapple juices and banana-flavored liqueur, this is an ideal tropical cocktail to enjoy beach side.

Yellow Bird Cocktail

This pineapple, cranberry and vodka concoction is a fun tropical take on the classic cosmopolitan.

Pineapple Cosmopolitan


Okay so rhubarb isn’t a fruit but if you can make it into a pie, you can make it into a cocktail, and this perfectly tart, pretty pink veggie is no exception.

Make yourself some rhubarb elderflower syrup to have on hand all summer long so you can mix it with champagne (or sparkling wine) and create this tart, bubbly cocktail anytime.

Rhubarb Elderflower Martini

Some consider mezcal the distant cousin of tequila since they come from the same agave plant, so therefore through association, this rhubarb and mezcal cocktail can be considered a distant cousin of the margarita (hence the Mezcal-Margarita mash up).

Rhubarb Mezcal Margarita

Made with mint, nutmeg and cinnamon-infused rhubarb simple syrup, this is a spicy take on the traditional mojito that you’ll never want to stop drinking.

Rhubarb Mojito