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7 Recipes to Make for National Pretzel Day

I’m completely on board with the concept of National Pretzel Day (which is today, just fyi). Such a diverse appetizer/snack/dessert, it can be sweet or salty but regardless it’s always delicious. I can’t walk past the Auntie Anne’s Pretzel stand at the NYC Laguardia airport without the incredible smell reeling me with the hopes of free samples. (The hopes are always dashed though because how could there possibly ever be a free sample sitting out that someone has NOT yet already eaten?)

While you could always enjoy one of our pretzel and beer boozy cake balls today to celebrate National Pretzel today, I figured I’d share 7 of my other favorite boozy pretzel dessert recipes so that you can, rightfully so, morph Pretzel Day into Pretzel Week. So here ya go.

Boozy Brownie Pretzel Trifle

Let’s just say this trifle is not made of beef sautéed with peas and onions (although aren’t we all a little intrigued to try Rachel’s famous recipe?) For today though, this boozy trifle made with layers of chocolate stout brownies, irish cream spiked whipped cream and crushed pretzels will just have to suffice.

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Drunk in the Kitchen Brownies

These are "Drunk in the Kitchen" brownies, or “me every time I’m in the kitchen” brownies (it’s part of my job so just go with it). Fudgy brownies made with a boozy peanut butter bourbon frosting, chocolate covered pretzels, and salted caramel sauce- it’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it.

Beer and Pretzel Caramels

My favorite part of this boozy caramels recipe is that the ingredients listed in the Beer Reduction include: Beer. Although the pretzels, the sea salt and the barley malt syrup are a close second, third and fourth favorite in this sweet and salty bite sized treat.

Beer Ice Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches

Never before had I ever considered making a beer-flavored ice cream, but never again will I doubt that concept. Use a dark stout beer to give it a malty, caramel flavor and your favorite chocolate chip cookies, then roll the finished sandwich with crushed pretzels and/or peanuts (I’m going with “and”) to bring this guy home.

Hot Butter Rum Apple Pie Stuffed Pretzel

Why has Auntie Anne never thought of stuffing a pretzel before? Actually I should be grateful that she doesn’t or else where did my money go? So this boozy homemade cinnamon sugar pretzel with stuffed hot buttered rum infused apple pie (topped with ice cream or powdered sugar) is not only genius, it’s also much more economically sound. Sure.

Soft Sea Salt Guinness Pretzel

This isn’t so much a dessert but how can a post devoted to pretzels not have a classic soft, sea salt version? This classic makes the cut with the boozy beer infusement of a rich Guinness.

Boozy Salted Caramel Pretzel Root Beer Float

Forget the G-rated root beer float, this 21 and up hard root beer and creamy vanilla ice cream float gets an over the top makeover with salty pretzels and a sweet bourbon caramel sauce that is so good you’ll want to wash your hair with it.

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