Seasonal Cocktails: April Edition

It’s that time again - for a fruitorial (yup) on the best cocktails for April based on what fruit is in season.

So without further adieu, it’s time to carpe-di-yum! (Yikes, sorry for that.)

Muscat Grapes

Muscat grapes are basic grocery store grapes used in raisins and some wines. So yes, of course I could take the easy route and just say “wine is seasonal, so there you go.” But nope, here are some exclusive boozy muscat grape cocktail recipes from me to you. Such a giver.

Muscat Grape Pisco Smash

Pisco is a South American grape brandy. Combine that with muddled grapes and a Muscat grape garnish and you have a fresh fruity flavor oozing with every sip. And it’s adorned with a frothy, beaten egg white crown.

The Grapest Cocktail Ever

This cocktail had me from the punny name alone- totally right up my alley. Made with gin, basil leaves and Pavan Liqueur (a liqueur made from Muscat grapes and orange blossom in the South of France), it makes you feel like quite the boozy world traveler.

The Crushed Grape

Also made with Pisco, this cocktail sets itself apart from the Pisco Smash by using sparkling wine or champagne for a bubbly, grape-y twist.


This stone fruit’s bright orange color makes for some gorgeous looking cocktails.

Apricot and Mint Cocktail

The sweet apricot is combined with mint and gin to give this cocktail a fresh, herbal flavor. Oh and there’s gin, to give it that alcohol flavor.

Georgia on my Mind

There aren’t any actual apricots in this- it’s an apricot (or peach, even) ale. But that doesn’t make this fruity cocktail, paired with bourbon and peach liqueur, any more delicious.

Naked Lady Cocktail

Again, the name totally reeled me in here. I couldn’t not include this rum, sweet vermouth and apricot brandy cocktail. Where the name came from, I don’t know, but maybe just to be safe, don’t drink too many of these in case it’s a foreshadowing of alcohol-induced actions to come...

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