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6 Boozy Waffle Recipes for International (Drunken) Waffle Day

This Sunday, March 25th, is International Waffle Day. Now this is not to be confused with National Waffle Day, which is in August. I don’t know how two days each year were bestowed this honor but you can celebrate today knowing that the whole world is celebrating with you, as opposed to National Waffle Day, when only us in the US of A are allowed to celebrate.

It’s only fitting that this falls on a Sunday/Funday infamously known here in New York City for liquor-filled, boozy, bottomless brunches. So with that drunken frame of mind, here are 6 boozy waffle recipes you can make today (and bookmark for August too).

These waffles are actually non-alcoholic, calling for Baileys Irish Coffee Creamer. BUT- remove the word “creamer” and just use the Irish Cream to make a lazy Sunday, boozy and decadent version.

Baileys Irish Cream Waffles

Sparkling wine (or champagne, why not?) makes these boozy waffles light, airy and super fancy. Add even more fanciness by topping them with strawberries for that whole sophisticated “strawberries and champagne” feel.

Prosecco Waffles

Butter. Pecans. Bourbon. Whipped cream. This drunken waffle recipe makes 4 servings but it’s totally fair to just serve yourself four consecutive times.

Butter Pecan Waffles with Spiced Bourbon Whipped Cream

Guinness is a dark, creamy beer, which gives these waffles tastes of vanilla and dark chocolate in every bite. Add the Baileys Whipped Irish Cream on top with some strawberries and shaved chocolate and you’re officially king (or queen) of the boozy brunch.

Guinness Waffles with Baileys Whipped Cream

It’s the berry and crème de cassis topping that make these waffles the boozy little bi*%c$s they are. The black currant berry liqueur is the perfect sweet sidekick to a raspberry and blackberry super-duo.

Boozy Berry Waffles

Boozy Belgium waffles are perfect here- it is International Waffle Day, after all. The bourbon peach topping brings it back home to the states with nods to both Georgia (peaches) and Kentucky (bourbon).

Bourbon Peach Belgium Waffles

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