3 Ways to Celebrate National Chocolate Souffle Day

February 28, 2018

Happy National “Most Delicious Day Ever,” also known as “National Chocolate Souffle Day.” The word ‘souffle’ comes from the French verb souffler, which means to “puff up” and describes a souffle perfectly.  The base of egg yolks, beaten egg whites and French pastry cream make this a light and notoriously challenging dish that, when combined with other ingredients, can be either a savory dish or sweet dessert. But sorry cheese souffles, you have your own day (May 18th, to be exact). So today (just like every day, honestly) is all about the chocolate.


You can celebrate by baking souffle, you can celebrate by eating souffle, you could celebrate by just saying “souffle” over and over because it’s a fun word to say. If you’re choosing one of the first two options, here are some delicious and proper ways to observe the holiday.


Mexican Chocolate Souffle

Cinnamon, espresso and vanilla make for a Mexican twist and a happy tummy.


Flourless Chocolate Souffle

As if the idea of making a souffle wasn’t challenging enough, this flourless version is a sure fire way to impress. Bragging rights are well deserved here.


Classic Chocolate Souffle

If the chocolate souffle is a classic dessert, this version from Martha Stewart of all people is the classic king of classics.




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