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Have Your Fruit and Drink It Too: Seasonal Cocktails for May

What cocktails should you be drinking in May if you want to incorporate the fruits most in season? (and no we’re not counting the millions of margaritas consumed on Cinco de Mayo). Celebrate the start of summer right around the corner with these fresh, fruity and boozy highlights!

Japanese High Ball

A seasonal variation of a seasonal cocktail, this plum cordial and whiskey-based drink seems like it would be heavy but still feels like an aperitif perfect for the start of summer.

Cherry Pie Cocktail

Amaretto, vodka, grenadine and bubbly club soda make this dessert-in-a-glass perfect for that Memorial Day barbecue!

Strawberry Pom Mojito

You’ll feel equal parts refreshed and tipsy with this bright, beautiful and boozy concoction made of strawberries (of course), pomegranate juice, white rum, mint and honey.

Blueberry Buck Cocktail

This refreshing summer drink, made of whiskey, blueberries, lemon and ginger beer, is the perfect combination of ice, sweet and spice and is ready to drink in mere minutes!

Fresh Cantaloupe Margarita

We couldn’t let this article pass us by without at least one margarita recipe. This one takes it up a notch with seasonal, sweet cantaloupe mixed in with the obligatory silver tequila, Cointreau and lime juice.

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