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Best Seasonal Cocktails for the Fall

Happy Fall ya’ll! Which means time for this month’s edition of cocktails featuring the best, most flavorful produce of the season. And it’s officially tailgating season so class-up your next football party with any of these seasonal fruit (and vegetable!) cocktails perfect for Autumn.


Fig Margarita

Fresh, flavorful, fabulous, and...well, figgy. This margarita, with its sweet and salty honey, sugar and salted rim is the perfect send off for this super long summer and a great way to toast in the new season.

Fig and Honey Cocktail

I love cocktails that are named by their ingredients - they’re super easy to remember and fast to make. This vodka and ginger ale-based cocktail is just as pretty to look at as it is simple to put together.

Fig and Bourbon Fizz

Fig fruit spread for sweetness, Four Roses Bourbon for bite, and vanilla cream soda for the fizz. Just three ingredients (plus ice) make this fruity cocktail the perfect drink to make and take to that sacred first tailgate of the season.


Medjool Date Spiced Rum Cocktail

Nothing says Fall like “Spiced Rum.” Add apple cider and date syrup, and top it off with a cinnamon stick and a sliced apple garnish and you have the epitome of Fall in cocktail form.

Black Pepper Date Cocktail

I am so intrigued by this unique cocktail. With a simple syrup made from the contrasting flavors of black pepper and sweet Medjool dates, it takes the palette on a wild ride of taste. Add dark rum, elderflower liqueur and lime juice and you have a sweet and spicy cocktail that’s sure to impress.

Date Syrup Bourbon Old Fashioned

This bourbon cocktail adds date simple syrup to bourbon and bitters, topped off with a Medjool date garnish for a ‘new fashioned’ twist on a classic.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato Rosemary Cocktail

Moving past the expected here and diving into sweet potato cocktails. They’re dessert potatoes after all, so how could they not make good cocktails? This sweet potato, rosemary, vodka, and prosecco cocktail is earthy, sweet, bubbly, and perfect for anyone that might be the slightest bit hesitant to dive into this seasonal produce by route of alcohol.

Dirt Candy Cocktail

Only half of this cocktail sounds tasty, but every single part of it in actuality is quite delicious. Gin, sweet potato syrup, and cardamom make for a spicy base, while a flamed orange peel impresses spectators and adds the perfect finishing garnish for a Fall nightcap.

Sweet Potato Cocktail

Bourbon, orange curacao, and a spiced sweet potato syrup made with nutmeg and cloves is comfort food in a glass and simply put, hits you over the head with its Fall-ness.

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