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Boozy Ball Highlight: "Pretzels and Beer" Truffle for Beer Lover's Day

National Beer Lover's Day is a delicious day for anyone (meaning, everyone) who loves our Pretzels and Beer booze-infused Twisted Truffle. Salty pretzels and a bold Irish Stout are the perfect combo in cake form and a fan favorite for barbecues, Father's Day and of course, today, National Beer Lover's Day.

Pretzels and Beer

Butter yellow pretzel cake, baked with Guinness beer and topped with even more crushed, salted pretzels.

Pretzels and Beer Cake Balls

So have your beer and eat it too, today and every day, with this sweet and salty, moist and crunchy, boozy delicious goodness. Gets your's here.

Pretzels and Beer Cake Ball

Pretzels and Beer Cake Ball

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