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The Groundhog Day Cocktail (yes, it exists)

How does one of the most random of “holidays,” if we can even call it that, warrant its own custom cocktail? We’re literally handing over a meteorological forecast to a rodent just slightly more socially acceptable than a rat. So how is there now an actual “Groundhog Day Cocktail?”

Bill Murray, that’s how. Or, to give credit where it’s truly due, Andie MacDowell.

One of my favorite Bill Murray movies, “Groundhog Day” is 25 years old this year (yikes, it’s the age of someone who can rent a car). And when Andie MacDowell’s character Rita ordered “a glass of sweet vermouth with a twist,” she inadvertently created what has now been designated “The Groundhog Day Cocktail.” Thank you, Andie MacDowell, you trend setter you.

So in three simple steps, here’s how to channel your inner Rita today:

Groundhog Day Cocktail

Just take:

  1. Sweet vermouth (aka Italian vermouth, red vermouth, vermouth rosso)

  2. Add a lemon twist

  3. Serve on the rocks

Seeing as how Punxsutawney Phil has officially declared 6 more weeks of winter, one of these sounds pretty good right about now.

Here’s to you, Rita!

Andie MacDowell Groundhog Day

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