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11 Boozy Pies to Celebrate Pi Day

Tomorrow, March 14th, is known around the world as Pi Day. Why? The number Pi = 3.14 (thank you, junior high math, for finally paying off). This math slash dessert themed day goes perfectly with these sweet, drunk pies for the sweet, drunk bakers and eaters out there who want to honor Pi Day. The Right Way.

This margarita pie is the booze-infused iteration of the key lime pie. And literal salted lime wedges on top are the figurative cherry on top as the perfect margarita-inspired topping.

(I bet it goes great with our margarita cake ball.)

Margarita Pie

This liquored-up silk chocolate pudding pie is the boozy gift that keeps on giving. First, chocolate pudding. Then make it malted. Then give it an animal cracker crust. THEN give it a Kahlua whipped cream topping? Hitting all the right spots (and taste buds).

Malted Chocolate Pudding Pie with Chocolate Animal Cracker Crust and Kahlua Whipped Cream

This coconut-rum spiked pina colada pie is just the light, summery dessert I need in my life when it’s March and still nor-easter-ing outside.

Pina Colada Pie

This salted pretzel-topped Guinness chocolate pie (with toasted marshmallow and beer meringue, what?) checks off two celebratory boxes- bake one for Pi Day and one for St. Patrick’s Day. (Try it with our beer cake ball topped with salted pretzels.)

Sweet and Salty Guinness Chocolate Pie with Beer and Marshmallow Meringue

Caramel Banana Pie already had me at hello. But then there’s the extra additions of the Heath Toffee bar topping and the bourbon-spiked caramel that make it heaven in a bite.

Caramel Banana Pie with Bourbon

Summery Peach Bourbon “Pi” is another way to pretend like it’s not still winter outside. It calls for a homemade pie crust but my goal is to get to the fresh peachy-bourbony goodness even faster, so I'm going store bought all the way.

Peach Bourbon Pie

This red wine pie calls for Merlot as it’s “the perfect combo of cherry, boysenberry, plum, and chocolate” with “a mocha finish complemented by hints of smoky vanilla oak.” It’s basically begging to be made into a boozy chocolate pie.

Red Wine Chocolate Pudding Pie

Mixing it up with these perfectly poppable bite sized pies. The bourbon apple filling calls for my favorite Honeycrisp apples and uses individual Phyllo Shells, making it easy to pop them right into your pie hole at least 2 at a time.

Bourbon Apple Pie Bites

It’s the rum in this dessert that makes the pie not suitable for children. And yet it’s the fried bananas, chocolate and toffee that make the little kid in me go YEESSSSSSSS.

Grown Up Banoffee Pie

It’s Mississippi Mud Pie yet it’s made with Kentucky Bourbon and I’m going to be baking it in New York. Quite the fudge and ice cream-filled world traveler we have here.

Mississippi Mud Pie with Bourbon

The addition of brandy (and Kahlua) make this boozy, thick and creamy Brandy Alexander pie a scrumptiously decadent treat that would make William Jones (the inventor of the number Pi, btw) super proud… and drunk.

Frozen Brandy Alexander Pie

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