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Having a (Boozy) Ball at the NYC Whiskey Fest

Last night at New York City's Whiskey Fest at the Tunnel was a blast! We went a little whiskey-crazy (it was the theme, after all) and made special whiskey and bourbon-infused boozy balls exclusively for the event:

Peach Bourbon Iced Tea - Peach tea cake with bourbon, topped with orange sugar sprinkles

Bourbon Hazelnut Hot Chocolate (the big hit of the night!) - Bourbon chocolate hazelnut liqueur cake, topped with toasted hazelnuts

Old Fashioned - Spice cake with bourbon, topped with orange zest

Irish Coffee - Chocolate coffee creme liqueur cake with Irish Whiskey, topped with crushed espresso beans

Pumpkin Whiskey - Our seasonal fall flavor made an appearance! Pumpkin whiskey cake topped with toasted walnuts

In hindsight having five special flavors was a lot, but it was worth it because we definitely had something for every taste. Psyched to do it again next year!

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