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6 Boozy Deserts for National Apple Day

These boozy apple-licious desserts are the picture-perfect way to celebrate National Apple Day and guarantee that you'll be so filled to the brim with apples that you'll be able to keep the doctor away for at least then next few days.

From hot buttered rum apple pie to boozy caramel apples, these 6 desserts are the most delicious and only way we know how to kick off apple season the right (and boozy) way.

Boozy Apple Cakes

Single serving cinnamon spice and rum cakes with granny apples - it doesn't get more "Fall" than that.

Boozy Apple Crisp

Bourbon and orange liqueur make this spiced apple caramel crisp topped with ice cream the perfect dessert for a crisp cool Fall night.

Mini bourbon apple pie bites

Perfectly poppable, these flaky phyllo cups filled with spicy, boozy apples and topped with whipped cream and rich salted caramel are the epitome of an edible bourbon shot.

Boozy Caramel Apples

These classic desserts known for Fall fairs and festivals go a step away from the typical 'bourbon and apple' combo by soaking sliced apples in vodka before dipping them in your coating of choice (coconut, sprinkles, peanuts, graham crackers, chocolate chips.... the possibilities are endless).

Boozy Apple Pie Smoothie

A boozy breakfast smoothie... where has this been all my life? Vanilla yogurt and rolled oats make for the start of a seemingly harmless breakfast smoothie, but it's the splash of bourbon that make this a devious, delicious boozy apple pie in a drink.

Hot buttered rum apple pie

As American as Hot Buttered Rum Pie. That's the phrase, right?

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