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Bring on Spring with these 7 Drunk and Boozy Spring Desserts

BREAKING CHEWS! (yeah, that happened). We are officially 2 days away from the start of Spring. New York City has been infiltrated by nor’easter after nor’easter after nor’easter and I think it’s still supposed to be snowing on Tuesday so I doubt the city will actually get the memo and start acting like spring in 48 hours. But I will be celebrating the start of spring regardless of whether or not New York gets its weather act together. It may be snowing outside but it’s spring right now in my kitchen with these 7 boozy, citrus-y, fruity, happy, springy desserts.

Sweet and delicious, this strawberry peach cobbler has a boozy secret ingredient of cherry liqueur for a triple-fruity threat.

Spiked Strawberry Peach Cobbler

Granola, Greek yogurt, strawberries and blueberries make this parfait the perfect spring treat. The added bourbon gives it that extra “f&$* this winter-y weather!” kick.

Boozy Berry Parfait Recipe

“No-bake” may easily make this lemon, graham cracker and limoncello pie a “no pan, eat straight from the bowl” boozy dessert. If it does make it into the pie pan, go ahead and garnish the top with our limoncello cake ball.

No-bake limoncello pie

Rum in the scones, rum on the scones, rum everywhere. Yessss.

Rum Currant Scones with Rum Glaze

Pair this brandy and rum pound cake with a tropical fruit salad to really bring the spring-theme home.

Brandy and Rum Glazed Pound Cake

Who needs the boring, tired lemon bar when you can have a margarita bar? Despite what the recipe says, the tequila is not optional. (It’s definitely not optional in our margarita cake ball!)

Margarita Bars

Opt for a low-hop beer with citrus, tropical fruit notes to bring out all those fabulous fresh flavors in this boozy strawberry and lemon tart.

Drunken Strawberry Tart with Beer Lemon Curd