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Celebrate National Buttercrunch Day with These Boozy Versions

It seems like every day is “National [insert obscure reference here] Day” (May 3rd is National Lumpy Rug Appreciation Day, because course it is).

So yes, there are some days so weird and terrible that you have to wonder why...just, why.

But that day is NOT. TODAY.

January 20th = National Buttercrunch Day = YESSSSSSS.

Buttercrunch is really just a fancy name for American-Style Toffee, which is a heightened version of English toffee. English toffee is plain, made of sugar and butter. Buttercrunch is toffee that is coated with chocolate and crushed toasted almonds and lightly sprinkled with fairy kisses (America, 1, England, 0).

So of course today being today, and me being me, I had to find some boozy versions to share with the class. They do require the operation of a stove though so maybe hold off on those liquored-up quality control taste tests until the very end.

This version adds a Latin twist by using panela, an unrefined sugar from Latin America. But if you can’t/don’t want to scour the gourmet food store for it, just sub in brown sugar instead. If you want to make it sans-alcohol (but then why are you reading this?), replace the rum with water.

Have your buttercrunch and drink it too with this milkshake made of buttershots schnapps and amaretto liqueur and topped with crushed buttercrunch.

And stay tuned tomorrow for my alcohol-infused Clam Chowder recipe for New England Clam Chowder Day.*

*Totally kidding… that “holiday” may be real but so is my desire to not be disgusting.

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