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Best Seasonal Cocktails: January Edition

It’s a well known fact that eating seasonal foods translates into fresher, tastier noms. Fruits and vegetables picked at their peak of ripeness have more flavor, and more nutrients too, for that matter.

So the same would go to reason then that drinking seasonally is just as healthy, right? Actually, let me rephrase that - the same would go to reason that drinking seasonally IS just as healthy. I’m right.

If it counts as a legit serving of fruit (which I’m saying it does), then here are some of the tastiest ways to drink a little healthier right now with January’s most in-season fruits:


The size and shape of an olive, a kumquat has a surprisingly sweet skin (it’s like an orange in reverse, with a sweet skin and tart pulp). Since you can eat the whole fruit, consider freezing a handful and using them instead of ice cubes in this ginger-kumquat cocktail recipe.


Tequila is my liquor of choice, and while I do love a good frozen margarita, I sometimes like to mix it up so I don’t always feel like a PTA mom drinking with her girlfriends at the neighborhood Chili’s.* My answer to the common marg is a light, fruity Paloma, a refreshing tequila cocktail starring the delicious grapefruit.

*Before I get an angry phone call, I’m going on record saying I love both the PTA and Chili’s - I was raised by a village of terrific PTA moms, and don’t kid yourself, Chili’s is delicious.


When life hands you lemons, just say f*** the lemons and bail. And make this lemon and basil martini - the perfect complement of course to our Limoncello cake ball.


This vibrant vodka cocktail is a citrusy triple-threat, with oranges, lime juice, and of course, tangerines. For that matter, it also has Aperol, an Italian apertif made from bitter oranges. So there you have it. A quadruple threat.

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