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Customize 12-piece boxes of truffles with your favorite boozy flavors! Choose from any of our 6 signature "On Tap" flavors or our special Flavor of the Season to design your own assortments.


Options include:

*SEASONAL FLAVOR: Chocolate Peanut Butter Martini: Chocolate peanut butter cake with vodka, covered in white chocolate and topped with powdered peanut butter

*SEASONAL FLAVOR: Pumpkin Whiskey: Pumpkin cake with whiskey, covered in milk chocolate and topped with crushed sugar cookie crumble

Strawberry and Sparkles: Strawberry cake mixed with sparkling wine and covered in bright pink chocolate

Pretzels and Beer: Butter yellow cake mixed with an Irish stout beer, covered in milk chocolate and topped with crushed pretzels

Coffee Cremé Liqueur: Chocolate cake mixed with coffee cremé liqueur, covered in milk chocolate and topped with crushed espresso beans

Margarita: Lime cake mixed with tequila, covered in green chocolate and topped with sea salt

Limoncello: Lemon cake mixed with limoncello, covered in white and yellow chocolate and topped with yellow sugar sprinkles

Banana Daiquiri: Banana rum cake mixed with rum-flavored icing and covered in milk and yellow chocolate


All flavors contain up to 5% Alcohol by Weight - Must be 21+. All cake balls contain wheat, soy, milk, sulfites and eggs and are made in a facility that processes and handles nuts.

Build Your Own Boozy Box: 12 Count

  • Cake truffles are approximately 1.5" in size.

    Unless serving immediately, refrigerate upon arrival. Store up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator, or 2 months in the freezer.
    We suggest you take your truffles out of the freezer 20 – 30 minutes prior to serving to defrost.

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