5 Creamy, Minty, Boozy Desserts for National Creme De Menthe Day

September 15, 2018

Creme de Menthe of course is meant to add a minty and green twist to cocktails near and far, but yeah- its translation means “Mint Cream,” so how can it not  be added to any and every creamy minty dessert just as near and just as far?


So we’re celebrating National Creme De Menthe day doing just that- adding it to these 5 desserts below and loving every green and boozy minute of it.


Cookies and Cream Chocolate Layer Crème De Menthe Squares

Creamy, chocolatey deliciousness with Oreos, marshmallows, chocolate pudding and Creme de Menthe. I’m inclined not to make “squares” but make one large square and turn this sucker into the best single-serving dessert ever.



Judy’s Grasshopper Cake

With Andes Mints and hot fudge chocolate topping on this awesome boozy cake, Judy is now officially one of my favorite people.



Creme De Menthe Mousse

While three ingredients (marshmallows, cream and creme de menthe) make this boozy dessert a super easy one to make, the hard part comes when you have to wait for it to freeze to mousse consistency. But Worth. The. Wait.  



Creme De Menthe Parfaits

If “parfait” just means “ice cream and liquor,” (which in this case, it does) then parfaits are pretty much a standing staple in my daily diet.



Creme De Menthe Cake

This easy-to-make triple layer boozy dessert from the 1970’s, rich with heavy cream, powdered sugar and fudge topping, delightfully turns the “after-dinner mint” into the “after-dinner cake.”


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