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If Medalists were Desserts, Part 2: Silver Edition

Last week we honored our US gold medal winners in the most appropriate way possible- discovering their true “Spirit Desserts.” For this next edition, we’re awarding our silver medal winners with the same honor. We’re sure they’re pretty content with just their medals but now they have two honors to hang their hats on.

Sugar Cream Pie

This 23 year old freestyle skier hails from the state of Indiana, also known by its inhabitants (and the dictionary even) as the “Hossier State.” And what’s the official state pie of the Hossier State? The Hossier Pie, obviously. A rich, nutmeg-dusted custard pie, it’s also known as the Sugar Cream Pie, and also known as delicious, and also known as I want it now. This recipe calls for a homemade pie crust but the filling is so rich and incredible that you won’t miss out at all on the final result if you opt for store bought crust instead.

Sour Patch Kids Cake

John-Henry helped the US win its first individual speed skating medal since 2010 this week. And how do we say thank you? By dedicating this Sour Patch Kids cake to the self-proclaimed sour candy lover. A fitting dedication, absolutely.

Cinnamon Roll Pizza

The first man in the history of the U.S. to medal in the singles luge made a name for himself in PyeongChang by downing a slice of pizza in one bite. We’re sure he’d be able to do the same thing to this breakfast/dessert/any time of day cinnamon roll pizza if given the opportunity.

Chocolate Fondue

This Aspen native claims a local Aspen Restaurant, Cloud 9, as one of his favorite hometown spots. Since the restaurant is famous for its fondue, it only makes sense to claim Alex as the embodiment of its dessert counterpart- like this super easy chocolate fondue recipe.

Bourbon Peach Cobbler

One half of the two-woman US bobsled team, Elana calls Georgia her home state. And let’s do some word association- I say Georgia, you say...peach. Of course. So it’s fitting to bestow this perfectly peachy peach cobbler as Elana’s spirit dessert (plus, bourbon. Yes please and thank you).


This second half of the winning women’s bobsled team touts Greek food as her favorite kind of cuisine. If you don’t think “Baklava” when you think “Greek Dessert,” then you think wrong. So Lauren, this flaky, crisp and tender honey baklava recipe is for you.

**Also a big congrats to Jamie Anderson, who won silver in the Ladies' Big Air event (and is now the first US female snowboarder to win 2 medals in a winter Olympics), and Mikaela Shiffrin, who won silver in the Ladies' Alpine, who both got a holler in our Gold Medal Winners article last week.

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