Best Seasonal Cocktails: February Edition

February 21, 2018

It’s time for 2018’s second round of “Best Seasonal Cocktails.” So without further adieu, here are some healthy(ish) ways you can get your servings of fruits and vegetables in February.




Ginger Beet Martini: this ginger beet martini had us at “skill set: beginner,” but keeps us with the perfect apple, beet and ginger simple syrup combo.


Bosc Pears


Fresh Pear Cocktail: The emphasis here is on the “Bosc,” as it’s this particular pear that’s at its best in the winter. And while the pear is the star in this refreshing vodka cocktail, pomegranate, lime, and apple cider also win awards for best supporting cast mates.




Orange Blossom Cocktail: Just thinking of orange blossoms makes me smell that fragrant citrus aroma. Oh and what’s that other smell? That would be the gin in this orange blossom cocktail.


The Bronx Cocktail: This vermouth, gin and orange cocktail made the list not only because of the orange’s presence but for the NYC reference as well, duh. Rumor has it it got its name from someone who just happened to get buzzed at the Bronx Zoo one day? (As one does). We won’t question it, we’ll just be grateful.


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