7 Boozy Valentine’s Day Desserts for your SO, BFF, or U

February 13, 2018

Gifting baked goods for Valentine’s Day is an excellent (read: “cheaper”) idea for your significant other, your best friend, or just me, myself and I. So here are my 7 favorite Valentine’s Day treats (and some perfect Twisted Truffles counterparts) baked with booze, er, I mean love… although TBH sometimes they’re interchangeable and you know it.


Bailey's Brownies




















Bailey’s in the brownies, Bailey’s on the brownies, Bailey’s in my face. And they would go perfectly with our Coffee Creme Liqueur cake ball.



Sinner's Brownies




















Why these are called “Sinner’s Brownies” I do not know, because the raspberry liqueur makes these absolutely heavenly.



Pink Champagne Cupcakes



















These cupcakes are bubbly and delicate, girly and pink, boozy and delicious (and try pairing them with our Strawberry and Sparkles cake ball).



Red Wine Lollipops



















The fact that these lollipops are homemade is already above and beyond for any Valentine’s Day gift. Add red wine (and our Red Wine Velvet cake balls) and St. Valentine officially has nothing on you.



Kahlua Lava Cakes



















I’m loving all the different textures in this Kahlua cake overflowing with Kahlua “lava” (dare I say “Kahlava?” Excuse me while I go ™ that).



Lucano Boozy Ice Cream Sandwich



















Truth be told I did have to Google “Amaro Lucano” when first checking out this recipe but it was super worth it because this Italian Liqueur pairs so well with orange zest for the most extra ice cream sandwich ever.



Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with Maple Cinnamon Frosting



















The Guinness makes this heavy hitter work for both Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s day. Topped with pretzels, they are the cupcake embodiment of our Pretzels and Beer cake ball.

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