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Best of Brooklyn Beer Fest: Recap

Yesterday at LIC Flea's "Best of Brooklyn Beer and Food Fest" was 9 hours of being up to my elbows in cake balls and I wouldn't have it any other way. Our two special flavors that we made exclusively just for the fair- Boozy Birthday Cake with vodka and Spiced Chocolate Stout with Guinness AND Brandy went over like gangbusters to the point where I'm genuinely considering keeping them in the normal rotation!

We sold out of the Boozy Birthday Cake in the first three hours and we had to edit our menu sign to pretend like it never existed in the first place (see below). Did we pull it off?

Best of Brooklyn Twisted Truffles Menu Sign

It doesn't matter anyway because we ended up selling out of 4 of our 8 flavors and had to revise our menu sign like WOAH.

So I'm calling it- yesterday is one point in the "success" column and I can't wait until the next fair and a new excuse to experiment with new flavors. Stay tuned- we'll let you know when and where that time comes when we do!

Morgan at the Best of Beer Fest

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